Archana Denali
Archana Bali, alumnus of the Masters program, passed away on 8th September 2014 after a courageous and determined fight against cancer. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones at this tragic time. It is not just the loss of a dear friend and wonderful human being, but also an excellent conservation biologist, who has made numerous important contributions to understanding and protecting nature.
Thus ends her most valiant fight against cancer for the last three years. This was a fight that she led always with a smile on her face, with her loving mother, sister, brother and fiancé by her side. Those who know her well would recall all her adventures and achievements in such a short life with a great sense of pride. But it is the promise for future, the love and affection she gave all of us, and the happiness that we felt when she was around, which makes her most untimely demise so devastating.
Ajith Kumar