Research Interests

My research bridges ecology and social science to understand how conservation is achieved at different scales of governance. My primary focus is on marine ecosystems. My current work involves on-ground, research and conservation projects with marine fisheries in India. I am also interested in policy interventions that affect wildlife conservation in other ecosystems.

 Scientific Publications

  • Karnad, D., Gangal, M.S. & Karanth, K.K. (2013) Perceptions matter: How fishermen’s perceptions affect trends of sustainability in Indian fisheries. Oryx 48 (2): 218-227 (Link)

       – Featured in an interview in Fishing News International

  • Karnad, D., Krishnadas, M., & Nair, T. 2013. Budgeting for Nature. Economic & Political Weekly. 48 (25): 22-26. (Link)

       – Featured in the Hindi newspaper, Rashtriya Sahara

  • Goswami,  V. R.,  Vasudev, D., Karnad, D., et al. 2013.  Conflict of human wildlife co-existence. PNAS. 110 (2): E108. (Pdf)
  • Krishnadas, M., Nair, T. & Karnad, D. 2013. Highlighting conservation in the equality debate: a comment on Bawa et al. Conservation Biology. 27 (2): 422-424. (Link)
  • Krishna, Y.C. & Karnad, D. 2010. New records of the Nilgiri Marten Martes gwatkinsii in Western Ghats. Small Carnivore Conservation. 43: 23-27. (Pdf)
  • Karnad, D., Isvaran, K., Kar, C.S. & Shanker, K. 2009. Lighting the way: Towards reducing misorientation of olive ridley hatchlings due to artificial lighting at Rushikulya, India. Biological Conservation. 142 (10): 2083-2088. (Link)

Media Publications