A wildlife camp at Bhimashankar (northern Western Ghats) that I was forced to attend as school kid, initiated my chronic addiction to wildlife. What followed was me spending a substantially large proportion of my free time going after every sort of wildlife I could get my hands on. Typically this included snakes and scorpions and I went on to maintain a fairly large collection of reptiles and arachnids at home. The process of finding and maintaining herps and arachnids got me greatly interested in natural history and behavior, to an extent that I decided to take it up professionally.

The masters course was turning point as it catalyzed, and more importantly focused my interest in wildlife biology. For my thesis, I examined how global warming triggered bleaching events impact corallivorous butterflyfish community structure. In addition to this, to understand what drives the community patterns, I also examined  the foraging behavior of these butterflyfish. This gave me an opportunity to explore some of most gorgeous coral reefs in the Lakshadweep archipelago, my field site for close to 6 months.

Presently, I have shifted base from the coral islands to lateriticplateaus in northern Western Ghats, where I will working on stress physiology and courtship displays of Fan-throated lizards (Sitana ponciteriana).

As of now my research interests are fairly broad, ranging from good old natural history, behavior to evolution and ecology.

Research Interests: 

Behavioral ecology: Understanding behavioral responses to fluctuating environments

Endocrinology: Using endocrinology tools to assess the effects of environmental change on species physiology

Molecular ecology and Phylogenetics: Use of genetic data to understand ecological processes that drive species biology

Current Designation/Affiliation:

Project Assistant

Maria Thaker Lab

Centre for Ecological Sciences

Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore

Research Experience:

• February 2013-present: Project Assistant, Centre of Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science

• January 2012-March 2013: Research Assistant, Nature Conservation Foundation

• September 2012-December 2012: Junior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research-Pune

• April 2007-August 2007: Research associate, Indian Fox Project conducted by Dr. Abi Tamim Vanak (University of Missouri) • September 2007-December 2011: Research Associate, Kaati Trust and Ecosystems India.

• May 2006-August 2008: Independent Researcher, Scorpions of India project (in collaboration with Zoological Survey of India, Western Regional Station)


Sheth C. and Zambre A. M. (2013). A new record of Boiga gokool (Gray, 1835) (Reptilia: Colubridae) from western Arunachal Pradesh, India. Sauria 34 (3): 51–54.

Zambre, A. M., Mirza Z. A., Sanap, R. V., Upadhye R. and S. M. Maqsood Javed. (2011). New Species of Orthochirus Karsch, 1892 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Maharashtra, India. Euscorpius. 107.

Zambre A. M. and Lourenco W. (2010). A new species of Buthacus Birula, 1908 (Scorpiones Buthidae) from India. Boletín de la Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa.

Zambre, A. M., Sheth C. J., Dalvi S. J., and Kulkarni N. M. (2009). First record of Protobothrops jerdonii xanthomelas (Gunther, 1889) from Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society.

Zambre, A. M. and Bastawade D. B. (2009). Description of male Orthochirus krishnai (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from India, with comments on its taxonomic status. Journal of Threatened Taxa 1(12): 621-623.

Popular articles:

Zambre A. M. (2010). The Scorpions of Eaglenest. Sanctuary Asia.

Zambre A. M. (2013). Tropical paradise. Terrascape.

In review / revision:

Zambre A. M. (2013). First report of Euscorpiops bhutanensis Tikader and Bastawade, 1983 from India with the first description of female. Journal of Threatened Taxa (in revision)

Upcoming publications:

Zambre A. M. and Arthur R. (2013). Bleaching induced coral mortality can influence foraging behaviour of obligate corallivorous butterflyfish Chaetodon trifasciatus (tentative title). PLOS One


amodzambre@gmail.com / amodzambre@ces.iisc.ernet.in