I was always interested in environmental issues and thought I would become a documentary filmmaker or environmental journalist. By some happy accident, I joined the MSc course in 2010. Ever since a marine ecology module in the Andamans, I have been interested in marine systems. My Master’s dissertation looked at the factors that limited distribution of fish within mangrove forests, in South Andaman. Although my field work was supposed to focus on fish, I also became interested in the mangrove vegetation and forest structure itself. What interests me most now is how these systems recover from natural and anthropogenic disturbances. In September, I plan to do a study looking at the factors affecting natural regeneration of different mangrove species on the islands (http://www.ruffordsmallgrants.org/projects/bhanu_sridharan). I also hope to learn more about restoration ecology and active (and effective) ecosystem restoration (in any system); when they are needed and how they can go beyond just afforestation programmes.

Current Designation/Affiliation:

Project assistant, Centre for Wildlife Studies (December-March, 2013)

Work Experience:
Project assistant, Centre for Wildlife Studies (December-March, 2013)

Editorial team, Current Conservation, January-March 2013

Research assistant, A Rocha India (January-May 2010):

Writer for e-magazines Citizen Matters and India Together

Assistant Director, Elephant Corridor Films: (May –November 2009)

Reports and Publications:

Scientific Articles

In prep.: Limits of a temporary habitat: factors affecting distribution of juvenile fish in tide dominated mangrove forests


Popular Articles

Tracking the Tides; Saevus magazine, January 2013

(RWC version) http://www.rwcindia.org/wp/2013/01/tracking-the-tides/


Criticism rising on Karnataka’s Gundia project; India together, 2009


Who does Agara lake belong to?, Citizen Matters, 2009


Clearing the air about Bengaluru’s carbon emissions, Citizen Matters, 2009


Bengaluru’s carbon emissions: how much? what to do?, Citizen Matters, 2009


Bannerghata zoo has work to do, Citizen Matters, 2009



Conference / Seminars/ Workshops

Talk: ‘Tracking the tides: Factors affecting juvenile fish in an intertidal mangrove forest’, at Students’ Conference on Conservation Science, Bangalore

Awards and Scholarships

Rufford Small Grant, 2013-2014 for project ‘Taking back the land: Factors aiding or constraining regeneration of damaged mangroves’


Second prize for talk on Tracking the tides: Factors affecting juvenile fish in an intertidal mangrove forest’, at Students’ Conference on Conservation Science, Bangalore