I grew up thinking I would be an engineer.  Of what sort and of what use, no one knew. A chemical engineering degree and a stint in the software industry soon followed. The 9 to 6 job bored me to tears, made my life pointless and forced me to look for better ways of life. I found my happy life when I was asked to volunteer with Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS) in the South-Indian forests for their research work on tigers and their prey. Totally fascinated by this beautiful world about which I hardly heard/learnt about in school and re-assured by my stint at CWS, I chose to take it ahead with the Master’s course in Wildlife Biology and Conservation at NCBS. Like a GPS, the Master’s course set me in the right path, always showing me where I am, which direction I can take and what heights I can reach.

For my Masters thesis, I looked at factors influencing wetland bird diversity in multiple-use wetlands of agrarian landscapes in Andhra Pradesh.  I am a Research Assistant in the Ecological Modelling and Economics lab (EME)  at National University of Singapore.

I am interested in wetland ecology, conservation, management and policy related issues pertaining to wetlands.


Current Designation/Affiliation:

Research Assistant, National University of Singapore (June 2013 – )


Work Experience:
Research Assistant, Centre for Wildlife Studies (January 2009 – June 2010)

Research Assistant (short-term), ATREE (December 12-January 13)

Teaching Assistant, Advanced Statistics, NCBS (November-December 2013)


Popular Articles


1) A bird in hand; Deccan herald, June 2012


2) Badgered to death?; Deccan Herald, April 2013



Conference / Seminars/ Workshops

Deepthi Chimalakonda, Jagdish Krishnaswamy, Rajah Jayapal (2012) Birds in lakes of agricultural landscape: Influence of lake morphology, vegetation and landscape variables. Society of Conservation Biology Asia Chapter. August 7-10, 2012. Bangalore, India