I developed an interest in wildlife during my bachelors’ degree. While studying zoology and botany within the confined lecture halls and labs, looking for every opportunity to run away from the pointless journal writing and dissections, I found joy and peace in weekend excursions to nearby hills and forests. I got drawn to the diversity of life that existed outside shelves full of formalin preserved specimen. My interest in wildlife developed further as I participated in wildlife surveys around the city, led my juniors to treks in nearby forests and helped with wildlife rescue operations in and around the city. Now determined to study wildlife biology, I finished graduation and waited for a year to apply for the Masters’ course at NCBS. During this period I worked with the local forest department to create awareness about wildlife through nature education camps and workshops in villages within and around protected areas in Gujarat.

During the Masters’ programme, I developed a keen interest in marine ecosystems. For my Masters’ dissertation, I looked at drivers of fisher compliance within a Marine Protected Area in the Andaman Islands.

Research Interests

I am currently interested in looking at the sustainable use of marine resources, feasibility of existing fisheries regulations and causes of implementation failure of existing regulations in Gujarat.

Previous work

Masters’ thesis: Weak compliance reduces the effectiveness of fisheries stock protection inside a Marine Protected Area in the Andaman Islands

Current work

Bridging the gap between fisheries regulations and implementation in Gujarat


Funded by the Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservtion and IDEAWILD equipment grant

Is animal feed causing overfishing?: The fishmeal industry and fisheries sustainability in Gujarat

Funded by the WWF-India Small Grants Programme